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Mobile Internet with Mobilink

Mobilink – mobile operator - Voice & GPRS / EDGE Internet


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Any Jazz / Mobilink shop


Trouble connecting to Mobilink Internet?

Here you find how to do it based on experiences with JAZZ Mobilink.



Jazz Mobilink GPRS Settings

Mobilink GPRS / EDGE based Internet connection is difficult (Oct 2007) to activate through the helpdesk. Took a lot of time for Mobilink to set MMS/WAP/GPRS settings right and authorize the mobile number for internet access. Connection through PC takes several helpdesk calls to get the right info.

PC / Windows XP settings for Mobilink GPRS / EDGE based Internet connection:

1) User name:    mobilink
2) Password:     mobilink

3) Dial-up number: *99# (Check!! it’s NOT *99***1#)
4) Modem Configuration - Extra initialization setting


The Mobilink Access Point (AP) name for the Mobile Phone, to be entered in the “Packet Data” (Nokia) field in the “Connectivity” menu”.

If the first doesn’t work, try the other. If that doesn’t work, call the helpdesk and ask for the right Mobilink GPRS/EDGE Access Point name.

Common Jazz Mobilink GPRS/EDGE problems


1) WAP : “You are not authorized to view this page”

Solution : Mobilink should set server authorization right.

2) PC : “You should subscribe to packet data”

Solution : Use the right AP name. Ask the helpdesk.

3) PC : Connecting to the network aborts.

Solution : Extra modem initialization setting wrong or Mobilink has changed network settings.

Jazz Mobilink Helpdesk

Helpdesk = 111 (press 2 for English). Helpdesk can be called maximum 5 times / day – after that they simply disconnect you.

To get the right information from the Mobilink Helpdesk, patience is crucial. If the Mobilink helpdesk employee does not understand / or can answer the question:

    “What is the Access Point name for GPRS/EDGE for Mobilink?”

It’s better to hang-up immediately and call again and hope for a helpdesk employee who can answer this question straight away. Customers shouldn’t educate Mobilink helpdesk employee’s.

Next if the helpdesk employee seems to know the answer, repeat the Mobilink Access Point name to check if it’s correct. Best is to spell out each character in the Access Point name.



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